Why Romney lost and therefore the moral and economic degradation of the USA will continue

Эта англоязычная статья анализирует причины поражения Ромни, в результате чего в последующие четыре года процесс моральной и экономической деградации США продолжится.  

Below is an article with the title “Why Romney Lost” on why the Republicans lost in the bid for the presidential seat. Although I fully agree with the article it omitted a few very important reasons of Republicans’ defeat. Here are those reasons.

  • Obama promised to work on creating the fair society – you remember his slogans like “social justice”, “fair share”, “fair redistribution of wealth”, etc. And Romney failed to demonstrate that Obama’s social justice is a sort of Marxist justice with a Muslim Sharia flavor. He failed to demonstrate that such social justice is incompatible with the Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation of our country.
  • Americans are very much supportive of a social-justice system – however, we haven’t heard anything about Romney-style social justice. Romney suggested only “employment opportunities”. When “employment opportunities” clashed with “social justice”, the “social justice” won.
  • Romney, and the Republican Party elite, failed to make a point that a true social justice can be created only on Judeo-Christian moral principles that require helping those who cannot help themselves through individual charity/mitzvah – not through a Marxist government’s redistribution of wealth.

Why Romney lost


Dick Morris, Michael Barone, and Karl Rove all got it wrong. They thought Romney would win. Let us tell you why we never thought Obama would lose.

Republicans are too nice. In contrast, spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Obama set out to destroy the character of Mitt Romney. While telling stories about how Romney killed people and shipped their jobs abroad, Obama’s team never once could find a trait they liked about Mitt Romney. The Republicans never reciprocated. We nearly choked when we heard speakers at the GOP convention talking about Barack Obama’s good qualities as a father and man.

The leadership of the Republican Party is living in an alternate reality. Barack Obama isn’t a good man. He is evil and corrupt. Romney didn’t have the guts to say it. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with communists and socialists. He didn’t want to talk about Obama’s associations with Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Romney never wanted to talk about Obama’s sketchy past, his fictional birth story, and his possible ineligibility to serve as president. Romney didn’t want to talk about Obama’s receipt of corrupt and foreign election funds.

Yes, the economy is bad, but there needed to be more. What about Obama’s support for infanticide? What about his support for death panels? Whoops, Romney couldn’t talk about them because he has been all over the map on these issues. First, Romney was against abortion, and then he was for it, only to be against it again when it was politically expedient. Romney had the same problem on Obamacare. Romneycare passed with his support in Massachusetts, and it is a close cousin to the corrupt healthcare program of Obama.

But let’s put Romney aside; there are significant problems inside the Republican Party that handicap any candidate.

The overly zealous foreign policy of the neoconservative movement is hurting the Republican brand. Americans were worried Romney might get us in another Mideast war. Americans are tired of spilling blood in Islamistan. As a result, Obama scored better than Romney on the question of dealing with a foreign crisis.

This doesn’t mean that we support a pre-1940 style of isolationism; but Americans want our troops to come home after a decade of fighting, and they believe Obama will bring them home.

Americans are not pacifists, but they are realists in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Reagan kept the peace through strength, but he also reached out to his enemies with constructive proposals. The modern Republican establishment is too bellicose, and Romney adopted their militant ways, lock stock and barrel.

We cannot fashion the world in our own image. And we especially cannot do it if our only persuasive tool is advanced weapons falling on others heads.

Next, the Republican Party has truly become corporatist. The next Republican to win the presidency must be a populist. He or she needs to know Americans distrust big banks as much as they distrust big government. A Wall Street-allied financial engineer like Romney was not the best candidate when the last big scandal to rock the nation was in banking. To be the party of America, the GOP must stop coddling big business. Free trade is important, but it isn’t so perfect as to be worshiped. Transnational corporations that care less about America than profits must be reined in.

Finally, what Rove and the GOP establishment did to conservative candidate Todd Akin will not be soon forgotten. The establishment elite of the GOP must stop the war against conservative and Christian candidates lower down the ticket. Christians are the heart of the GOP, and we are not amused.

America’s and the GOP’s real solution to problems will only come when we rediscover God as the Creator and Finisher of our nation and our world.W

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  1. Давид Бедеин, директор the Center for Near East Policy Research, проанализировал голосование ортодоксальных евреев в выборах президента США – Обама против Ромни.
    И он обнаружил что-то, что очень его обескуражило. Он обнаружил, что разговоры о том, что реформистские евреи голосуют за Обаму, а ортодоксальные за Ромни, не основаны ни на каких фактах. В действительности же большинство ортодоксальных лидеров и раввинов призывали свою паству поддержать Обаму: оно считали, что укрепление связей с администрацией Обамы для них более важно, чем неизбежные отрицательные последствия президентства Обамы на безопасность и благополучие Израиля.
    Очень это печально: для большинства ортодоксальных лидеров и раввинов США местные политические соображения оказываются выше духовных и стратегических интересов Израиля.

    Grave Disconnect as Orthodox Leaders Refused to Support Romney
    by Annie Lubin

    As election results have been confirmed and statistics from national polls emerge, showing that American Jews overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama — with 70% of the Jewish population voting for Obama — questions emerge about the the true sentiments of this population towards Israel and the possible disconnect between Jews in Israel and those abroad.

    David Bedein, founder of the Israel Resource News Agency and Director of the Center for Near East Policy Research finds the disconnect between the religious in Israel and the U.S. particularly startling, saying many Republican supporters were shocked by the refusal of Orthodox leaders to throw their support behind the pro-Israel Mitt Romney.

    «Those who think that Orthodox Jews supported Romney and secular Jews supported Obama are wrong. This is simply not true,» said Bedein. «In New Jersey they established the organization ‘Rabbis for Romney,’ and they turned to all sectors of Orthodox Jews, and there are a million Jews like that, but their rabbis refused to join.»

    In his opinion, Jewish support for Obama indicates a grave detachment from the land of Israel.

    Rabbi Ben Rosenberg, who established Rabbis for Romney, said to me: «We approached the Young Israel organization, which represents hundreds of synagogues, we approached the Council of Rabbis in the U.S., the Chabad organization, Agudath Israel, all of them refused — they told us they wanted to protect their ties to the current government. We need to understand that the difference (in votes for) Obama and Romney was very slight in the key states, and if those rabbis and leaders would have done something, if they would have emphasized how dangerous Obama is for Israel, it would have changed the entire picture and Romney would have been put in the White House.»

    Bedein believes that Orthodox Jews who put on tefillin and pray three times a day but voted for Obama, pose contradictory questions based on their behavior. «He is the President who did terrible things, who appointed anti-Semites, who supported Islam and here there are Jews who pray three times a day, who learn daf yomi (Talmud page), who have close relatives in Israel and they vote for Obama. All this should inspire us to think about the relationship between the religious in Israel and the religious there and why there is such a disconnect.»

  2. И как всегда, я приветствую тех духовных язычников, которые комментируют мои статьи кулаками с пальцем вниз. Значит, не зря пишу.

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