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4 комментариев к “Яаков Городецкий: «Израиль должен себя защищать!»

  1. Unforunately, the only way Israel help itself is by being LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of its (many, many) enemies. Militarily, but also econommically, culturally, politically. NObody said being Chosen Ones was supposed to be easy — whether in a secular or religious sense. It’s a basic numbers game — Muslim-Marxists have almost unlimited human resources & oil wealth at their disposal, so Israel has to have a significant QUALITATIVE edge, at all times.

    Sadly, as numerous military stale-mates (read: defeats) against Hezbollah, HAMAS and diplomatic fiascos — from Oslo to Mavi Marmara — have demostrated…. the gap between Israel and its enemies is rapidly closing. Internet & Al-Jazeeras of this world breaking our monopoly on media, has damaged the Narrative — no matter how true, it’s the perception that matters, NOT reality.

    When Leftists have their way and Jews/Israelis become just another Arabs or Jamaicans or Eskimos…there would be no point to our EXCEPTIONAL identity and, by extension, our very existence anyway.

    In the meantime, 2007 bombing of the NK constructed nuke reactor in Syria & the Stuxnet were a nice touch, showing that Israel still has a few tricks up its sleave…..but I feel it came years too late. Bush wasted precious time and treasury on Saddam & Taliban — instead of Iran & Pakistan — not only damaged the Republican/Conservative brand beyond repair, but may have brought about Israel’s destruction down the line.

    Diplomatically, too — when a washed-up, incompetent corrupt Holocaust denier like Mahmoud Abbas is running circles around Olmert, Livni, Lieberman, Netanyahu and Co….you know, it’s bad.

    But hey, I guess it’s more important for, say, Foreign Ministry to strike in order to wrestle a few more shekels out of the budget in order to afford more underage Thai hookers — rather than, say, receive someone as strategically important as Dmitri Medvedev during crucial pre-Palestine declaration period….you know Israeli society is suffering from crisis of identity & purpose.

    Not all is lost. Recent trends show that Israeli people themselves are ready to throw off the chains imposed by cowardly, self-serving defeatists in the Avoda/Kadima mold over last 18 years — and there are some intersting Tesla, nano weapons down the pike. Arab Spring, too, if played right — admittedly a big IF knowing the nimcompoops making decisions in the Knesset — can be a blessing LONG-term.

    Bibi and Co. just have to hold fort for a little while longer as they prapre to deal with Apocalyptic Mullahs in Teheran once…. putingt the kabbosh on the Palestinian state absent a full recognition of Israel as a homeland of the Jewish people, renouncing of the absurd Right of Return, cessation of incitement in Pali carriculum & media + demilitarized nature of the future state —- i.e. things that Abbas knows he can never agree to if he wants to avoid Rafik Hairiri’s fate 🙂

    And hey, there is always Red Shield to protect us & funnel trillios of dollars out way….allegedly. And then there is HaShem…

  2. Unfortunately these two Yiddish men are saying right things: American Jewry these days is in total disarray. The danger is might not so visible but the whole situation is inferior – too many Jews are losing their identity or behaving foolish.

  3. What can you expect? Young Dispora Jews like myself, we’ve had it so, so EASY comparaively from a historic perspective. Many of my friends don’t see why they should fight Israel’s battle. They don’t see the danger in Muslim-psuedo-Marxist assault on the West, with Israel being on the front lines.

    When the battle becomes obvious, it will be too late. Even the economic crisis of 2008-2011 didn’t wake them up. Oh well.

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